Creation of Iraqi National Project Announced

On 29 May 2016, the newly elected President of the Iraqi National Project Sheikh Jamal al-Dhari, and the Central Committee, convened a press conference to announce their plans for the future and discuss the closed-session meeting they held at the Four Seasons George V earlier that day:



Official Statement (French and Arabic versions below)

In the name of Allah the most Merciful

In the shadow of suffering of the Iraqi people from the pains and setbacks and continuity of the aggression of the organized terrorism that represented by ISIS and sectarian militias across the country and continuation of the political process and its ruling tools with their behavior that is characterized by corruption and failure under that shadow, the Iraqi national proclaimed figures at its meeting in Paris on 28-29 May 2016 to work on the formation of the Iraqi national project as a political entity inclusive of the forces of the Iraqi opposition.

Iraqi political entity inclusive of the Iraqi opposition forces and historical point of initiating that aims the formation of a national political process that is based on new foundations, which rejects the sectarian and quota system and refuses all forms of terrorism and foreign powers whatsoever.

The Iraqi national project, which announced in Paris, was born in the historic defining moment in the life of our people and our region as it seeks to provide a new model to overcome the challenges that facing Iraq, taking advantage of the previous project experiences and the facts of the foreclosure and the elements that can achieve security and stability for our people.

Therefore, the Iraqi national project presents a new model of a national project that attracts Iraqi national forces and support of the international community.

The Iraqi people is the main supporter of the Iraqi national project and its support and prop. The national project with its leadership and its members will be at the service of the people and their active living forces service to gain access to Iraq access to a safe, strong, prosperous and peaceful country. The Iraqi national project will be opened for all Iraqi people as individuals and national organizations inside and outside Iraq.

The Central Committee of the Iraqi National Project Paris, in 29th May, 2016


  • Opening remarks by Chairman:
    • This is a historic day in Iraq, we have elected a new administrative structure to lead the Iraqi people into an accountable form of government. This process will include all Iraqi’s, and result in the formation national front to unify the Iraqi people and a new future. Congratulations to Sheikh Jamal al-Dhari, who was unanimously elected as the President of the National Commission by the Central Committee.
    • Shiekh Jamal is the interim president until the General meeting
    • Sheikh al-Dhari is a highly respected leader in Iraq, regarded by almost all Iraqis as a man of honor and virtue with no political ambitions. His leadership will attract new membership undoubtedly.


Jamal Al-Dhari:


  • It is my honor to announce to the world and to the Iraqi people the creation of the Iraqi National Project. This national project will welcome all Iraqi’s, irrespective of ethnicity or sect. We are striving to build a political process that values Iraqi national citizenship based on the rule of law. We do not claim to represent all Iraqis, but we do welcome every person that wishes to seek a peaceful future for our country. This struggle is not just an issue for Iraq or the region, but for the entire international community.


  • “What is the mechanism to attract Iraqi to this program?”
    • 350 Iraqi leaders represent their tribes back home, and we are relying on them to unite the Iraqi citizenry under a common banner going forward. This process is open to all Iraqis and we are relying on these leaders to make an inclusive implementation process in Iraq.


  • “Do you have international states or stakeholders to help you with the project?”
    • Through Peace Ambassadors for Iraq (PAFI), we are able to coordinate our international efforts and project our voice to the global community.
    • At our next General Meeting we expect to have the support of several important international entities.


  • “What is your position on the current government, do you view them as legitimate?”
    • Our feeling is generally one of disgust and outrage
    • The government has failed the Iraqi people completely ….. and do not have the respect of the Iraqi people.
    • We will address the international community as our means of negotiating a new political process.


  • “What do you make of the protests back in Baghdad?
    • The work we are doing here is nothing compared to the patriotism of the Iraqis fighting for our country back home. They are a thousand times more important than us, true patriots demanding change and we support them fully.


  • “There have been questions as to the composition of the committee”
    • The members of this project are patriots wishing to rebuild their country. We are not Islamists, or sectarians, but civil society members with Iraq’s national interest in our hearts.


  • “How is this project different from other opposition groups?”
    • We are not an electoral party or electoral list wishing to gain power in the government. We are only seeking to meet the demands of the Iraqi people, which are to support change on a systemic level.


  • “What are the next steps after Paris?”
    • We will invite the international community to a General Meeting in an international venue to establish the protocol for implementing this change.


  • Closing Remark
    • The Iraq National Project call for a non-sectarian national identity to move forward with building a peaceful, stable Iraq

Declaration Officiele (Francais)

Au nom d’Allah Clément et Miséricordieux

Face aux douleurs et calamités vécues par notre peuple irakien suite aux agressions terroristes continues exercées par l’Etat islamique et les milices sectaires à travers le pays, et alors que le pouvoir en place continue à adopter un comportement corrompu et défaillant, des personnalités irakiennes ont appelé à la constitution d’un projet national irakien lors de leur réunion à Paris les 28 et 29 mai 2016. Ce projet consiste à former une entité politique regroupant les opposants irakiens et représente un point de départ historique qui permettra de construire un processus politique national basé sur de nouveaux piliers et fondements. Ce nouveau processus dénonce le sectarisme et les quotas confessionnels, rejette toute forme de terrorisme ainsi que la soumission à toute force étrangère.

Le Projet national irakien, dont la constitution a été annoncée à Paris, intervient à un moment décisif dans l’histoire de notre peuple et notre région. Ce Projet vise à présenter un nouveau modèle pour surmonter les défis auxquels l’Irak fait face en s’appuyant sur l’expérience tirée des précédents projets et sur les données de la situation actuelle, ainsi que sur les éléments qui pourront assurer la sécurité et la stabilité de notre peuple.

Le processus politique actuellement en place en Irak, source de souffrance continue de notre peuple, ne peut plus continuer. Il est impératif de mettre fin à la présence des forces terroristes, à la détérioration des conditions du pays, à l’absence de services, au désordre et à l’insécurité. Ainsi, le Projet national irakien présente un nouveau modèle qui regroupe les forces nationales irakiennes et bénéficie du soutien de la communauté internationale.

Les intérêts du peuple irakien sont au cœur même de ce projet. La direction et les membres du Projet national seront au service du peuple jusqu’à ce que l’Irak devienne un pays sûr, fort, prospère et paisible.

Le Projet national irakien est ouvert à tous les irakiens, individus et organisations nationales, à l’échelle nationale et internationale.

Comité Central du Projet National Irakien. Paris, le 29 mai 2016.


بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

في ظل ما يؼاهيو صؼبنا امؼراقي من آلام ونكبات وفيما يستمر ػدوان الارىاب المتمثل بخظيم
داغش والمليضيات امطائفية في انحاء امبلاد ومواصلة امؼملية امسياسية وادواتها الحاكمة سلوكيا المدسمبامفسادوامفضلفيظلذلك،ثنادتشخصياتوطنيةغراكية فياجتماغيافيباريسيومي

29-28آيار 2016نلؼملػلىجضكيلالمشروعاموطنيامؼراقيككيانسياسيجامعملوى المؼارضة امؼراكية وهلطة شروع تاريخية ىدفيا جضكيل عملية سياسية وطنية كائمة ػلى مرحكزات واسس جديدة ثنبذ امطائفية والمحاصصة وحرفض كل اصكال الارىاب والارتهان نللوى الاجنبية ا ًيا كاهت.

ان المشروع اموطني امؼراقي الذي اػلن غن كيامو في باريس ولد في لحظة تاريخية فاركة في
حياة صؼبنا ومنطلذنا وىو يسؼى الى ثلديم نموذج جديد مخجاوز امخحديات امتي ثواجو امؼراق مسخفيدا من تجارب المضاريع امسابلة ومن مؼطيات امواكع امراىن وامؼناصر امتي يمكن ان تحلق مضؼبنا الامن والاسخلرار.

امؼراكيين ولدخول كوى الارىاب وحردي اوضاع الدولة وغياب الخدمات وامفوضى واهؼدام الامن. ولذلكفأنالمشروعاموطنيامؼراقييلدمنموذجًا جديدًالمشروعوطنييسخلطباملوىاموطنية امؼراكية وثأييد المجتمع الدولي.

ان صؼبنا امؼراقي ىو الداعم الاساسي نلمشروع اموطني امؼراقي وىو سنده ودػامذو
وسيكون المشروع اموطني بليادثو واغضاءه في خدمة امضؼب وكواه الحية امفاػلة وصولا مؼراق آمن وكوي ومزدىر ومسالم.

وخارج امؼراق.

انلجنة المركزية نلمشروع اموطني امؼراقي باريس 29 آيار 2016


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