PAFI Statement on Turkish Army in Iraq

Peace Ambassadors for Iraq (PAFI) would like to extend its gratitude and appreciation to the Turkish government for sending units of the Turkish Army to northern Iraq in support of the international community’s air campaign and the Iraqi people against ISIS. All true Iraqis welcome this effort and commitment by Turkey to help stabilize Iraq and protect civilians against violent terrorist elements such as ISIS and even Iranian-backed terror militias.

In the same regard, we are astonished and puzzled by the negative attitude and remarks made by the Iraqi government against this honorable Turkish presence. The government of Iraq should be grateful and consider it as a very positive development, one that offers hope to millions of Iraqis.

Baghdad’s strange position can only be an indication that the sectarian policies of the Dawa Party, under ex-PM Nouri al-Maliki, are still influential in the Iraqi government today. Two weeks ago, half a million Iranians came into Iraq with no visas or vetting, violating the sovereignty of Iraq. This double standard in the central government’s position is clearly due to sectarian governance.  These half a million Iranians are welcomed by Iran’s proxies in Iraq like Nouri al-Maliki, Ibrahim al-Jaafari, Faleh Fayyad, Hadi al-Ameri, and many other Iraqi politicians whose loyalty to the Tehran administration supersedes their loyalty to the sovereignty of Iraq and the people of our great country.

We reiterate our thanks and gratitude to the Turkish military and we welcome their presence in Iraq to assist us during these difficult times and we fully trust their honorable intentions during the fight against ISIS and around the globe.

The PAFI team will work closely with the Turkish government and all others fighting ISIS and violent extremists and we will support these efforts in any way we can. We sincerely hope other countries will take similar pro-active measures to work together as a united front to bring peace, stability, and national reconciliation to all of Iraq.

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