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While their soldiers gain ground battling Islamic State (IS), Iraq’s political leaders in Baghdad are losing their footing. On April 12th the parliamentary Speaker suspended proceedings as MPs furious at Iraq’s second new cabinet in a month resorted to fisticuffs in front of him. Over a hundred of them demanded that the prime minister, Haider Abadi, should resign, and began a sit-in.

Associated Press

A team of Italian specialists has arrived at the site of the Mosul Dam as part of an emergency campaign to repair Iraq’s largest dam before it collapses.

Iraqi lawmakers attempted to oust the speaker of parliament amid a political crisis roiling the house where dozens of legislators have been holding a sit-in protest for the third consecutive day.


As U.S.-led offensives drive back Islamic State in Iraq, concern is growing among U.S. and U.N. officials that efforts to stabilize liberated areas are lagging, creating conditions that could help the militants endure as an underground network.


Iraq’s parliament blocked a cabinet of independent technocrats Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi had proposed, as political factions forced him to adopt some their own ministerial candidates instead, MPs said.


“Still, it appears that the Iraqis are bogged down; ISIS is sending in suicide car bombs from all sides, and snipers from the surrounding villages are a constant danger. The commanders’ faces are looking increasingly drawn.”

Globe and Mail

Mosul Dam, A Saddam Hussein vanity project, has required constant repair since it was constructed three decades ago…experts warn war and maintenance disruption have created an ‘unprecedented risk of catastrophic failure.’


Food shortages faced by 60,000 civilians in the besieged Iraqi city of Falluja are extremely worrying and are likely to get worse, the UN has warned.

Al Jazeera

Standing next to a pile of rubbish as high as a hill, Ali, a 12-year-old child from Mosul, looks excitedly at his latest discovery. “They say it’s expired, but I am still eating it,” he says, popping a strawberry candy into his mouth.


Even if the U.S.-led coalition seeking to retake Iraqi territory seized by Islamic State in 2014 succeeds in its mission, that will be far from the end of the battle.

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