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The Mosul Dam Crisis:  Urgent Action Need

Peace Ambassadors for Iraq (PAFI), publishes expansive exposé on a looming humanitarian disaster with lethal consequences



13 June 2016 – Washington DC. –  Peace Ambassadors for Iraq (PAFI), an international NGO dedicated to founding a sustainable peace in Iraq, publishes a detailed report into the Mosul Dam Crisis.  The report warns of a catastrophe in-the-making that will be responsible for the deaths of anywhere between 500,000 – 1.5 million people. Explaining how the Mosul Dam was built on a water-soluble earthen foundation, PAFI warns of the megastructure’s imminent collapse. The report cites a classification by the U.S Army Corps of Engineers as a ‘high risk’ for total structural failure.


The Mosul Dam Report is based on information from a PAFI-sponsored conference in Rome, Italy on April 20th 2016, called the Mosul Dam Crisis Symposium. The report catalogues the specifics of that conference, as well as generating a broad, comprehensive picture of the nature of the crisis.


The Mosul Dam Report outlines: the technical flaws of the dam, expert testimony by leading civil engineers with knowledge of the situation, geopolitical factors surrounding the dam, and a recommendation for resolving the crisis.


PAFI President Sheikh Jamal al-Dhari said “the Mosul Dam Crisis is an unprecedented risk to Iraqi lives, potentially more devastating that any war we have ever experienced. Hundreds of thousands of my fellow Iraqi’s could be killed when the dam collapses, and yet the government has been silent. Baghdad knows the extent of this disaster but continues to deny reality or funding for a proper solution, a fact of particular concern when considering the urgency of the crisis. We must act now to save countless lives in the path of the dam’s destruction.”


The report notes:

  • The soft Gypsum and Anhydrite foundation will collapse from dam weight and water erosion
  • Floodwater will reach the capital city within 38 hours and will inundate a 261km (138 miles) area of Baghdad 10 hours after that
  • Ministry of Water Resources announced that it has awarded Italian firm Trevi Group a $236 million dollar contract to begin work on reinforcing and maintaining the dam
  • Report concludes the most realistic scenario in saving the most lives of those living in the disaster’s wake would be to derive a comprehensive evacuation plan that accounts for all variables of the event
  • Only permanent solution is to build a second dam at cost of $2 billion
  • PM Al-Abadi’s government has downplayed safety risk and rejected new dam construction

Included in the report are original infographics, video footage of the symposium, and key facts and figures for quick reference.


Peace Ambassadors for Iraq (PAFI) considers the Mosul Dam Crisis to be a paramount threat to the safety and security of the Iraqi people. PAFI therefore considers as part of its mission, a responsibility to educate the international community on this pressing crisis.


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