Below is a list of speakers who participated in the Riga Conference:

  • Sheikh Jamal al-Dhari – PAFI President
  • Mr. Paul W. Hamill – Fellow, The American Security Project
  • Mr. Roberto Torricelli – Former U.S. Senator
  • Mr. Elmar Brok – Chairman of the European Parliament Committee on Foreign Affairs
  • Mr. Peter Hoekstra – Former Member U.S. House of Representatives
  • Dr. Hassan Fahmi Jumah – Sec. General, Iraqi Forum for Intellectuals & Academics
  • Mr. Mokhtar Lamani – Former Special Representative for Iraq
  • Mr. Ramzy Mardini – The Atlantic Council, Iraq Institute for Strategic Studies
  • Mr. Sabah al-Mukhtar – President of Arab Lawyers Association in U.K.
  • Mr. Patrick Graham – Journalist based in Toronto
  • Ms. Mihaela Nicolau PhD. – Romanian Academic and Politician
  • Mr. Struan Stevenson – Former Chairman, EP Delegation for relations with Iraq
  • Mr. Steve Clemons – Editor, The Atlantic
  • Mr. Steven O’Brien – Editor, The London Magazine


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