Statement on Gulf Cooperation Council Designation of Hezbollah

Peace Ambassadors for Iraq (PAFI), in its work to counter violent extremism, welcomes the recent Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) announcements regarding terrorist organizations in the Middle East.

For too long, the people of the Middle East have suffered from militias and organized armed groups that operate outside of international law and legitimacy, that undermine democracy and use terror to subjugate innocent people. Many of these groups are supported by the Revolutionary Forces in Tehran, through arms, financial and operational support.

The statement from the GCC, including designating Hezbollah as an illegitimate militia and terrorist organization, is a welcome step in tackling these key issues.

In Iraq, we have seen many of the these militias destroy homes, families, and communities; and, according to Human Rights Watch, have committed many human rights violations.

We hope that further support will be given to counter these terror groups, and help build legitimate, multi-ethnic, national institutions, in order to bring reconciliation and peace across the Middle East.

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